Your child may be addicted to the internet where he/she spends excess time surfing internet and websites for various purposes like educational purposes, for social media, listening to music, to read articles, for news, for gaming and digital engagement purposes and many more. But have you ever thought of these negative effects of exposing your child to excess access of the internet? As parents, it is the duty of us to protect our children and younger generations from any harm and this article is especially focused on providing some useful insights on bad effects of too much internet use, that every parent should know.


Extra hours in social media and bad relationships

Spending more and more hours as a child in the social media interacting with friends and outsiders can be damaging your child’s interactive skills which is a serious concern. Social media networks includes profiles of good and the bad and your child may be interacting with the wrong person that may influence his/her behaviour which is to be considered.

Mature content and expose to bad habits

Explicit mature content is found in the internet and controlling your child’s activity and restricting your child from these is critical. As working parents ensure that your child is not exposed to these material that may ruin his/her future and the education.

More digital engagement makes affect the memory badly

Researchers have concluded that high engagement in internet can badly affect the memory and leads to memory loss. Therefore controlling the access to internet and limiting your child’s activity is very important. Most of the children are addicted to video games that come online in the modern world where you can connect with players around the world and perform online. This can make the child expose to internet in a higher scale that should be considered.

Third parties taking advantages of your child

Your child might be an innocent victim of a third party that may use your child for unethical and misleading activities. Many researchers have concluded that most of the children have addicted to drugs and many other unethical businesses with high engagement in internet activities.

So what am I supposed to do control all these bad or negative effects?

With the advancements in technology the internet and information is at the fingertips of your child especially with mobile phones giving access to the internet more conveniently. And on the other hand limiting your child for mobile use can be difficult where you are not in a position to let your child not use the phone as it has become an essential good in the modern world. But why can’t you control the resources that gives the opportunity for your child to access the internet? Yes, it is possible. Wizher control the internet facilities of your kids at home to restrict your child from excess expose. Further this will also enable you to keep in track with your child’s activity to ensure that your child is safe of any harm.