The technology of the 21st century has completely changed the structure of this world. Innovation and technology have made an immense impact by making the life much easier. The Internet has played a vital role in globalization. It has built bridges that connect the whole world through shortening the long distances and enabling connections. Just like everything else, the internet has its pros and cons too. Many people have become slaves of the internet and technology and this includes kids in particular. Although the internet promotes learning, parents are worried because kids spend too much time on the internet. Kids, generally of age 7 to 17, are easily prone to internet addiction. This issue is concerning parents worldwide because the time spent online deprives children of experiences outside.

According to a research, kids and teenagers spend an average of 40-60 hours online. Around 23% (31% boys and 13% girls) of the youth are addicted to online games as well as other video games. The behavior of few kids is directly associated with the violent video games. This behavior reflects in their everyday life by hindering their attitude towards school life, parents and their own wellbeing. Internet diminishes their capabilities of enjoying nature and communicating with others face to face. There are many other activities apart from gaming, which can literally waste the time of your kids. Social Networking is the latest form of entertainment for the kids of this decade. Kids easily lose the track of the time while chatting, posting, tweeting, sharing stuff etc. Other activities include blogging, internet surfing, downloading and various other things. Perhaps the biggest concern is the vulgar content that is available on the internet. This includes sexual content, slang language and websites related to indecency. They are most likely to fall victim to online harassment or other spam websites as well.

The Internet is a medium of entertainment for the kids. They go through a phase where they do not fully understand things. They will continue to seek the pleasure that the internet has to offer, although some of the content can be banal for their personality and growth. The addiction of internet will consume their precious hours of sleeping, eating, physical activities and education. Your kids will start displaying negative symptoms that come with prolonged usage of the internet. They will start acting premature and irritated. They will prefer to spend more time on the internet rather than spending with family and friends. Spending time online will definitely affect their academics halting their necessary progress. Moreover, the physical and mental health risks are even worse. They can damage their eyesight because of prolonged screen time. The lack of physical movement can cause them to become obese. There are increased chances of them developing anxiety and insomnia. The addiction will certainly affect their behavior just like any other drug causes drawbacks.

If your kids are addicted to the internet, this can turn into a dire problem for their future. You can prevent the negative consequences through installing a parental control application on your kid’s laptop or PC. There is a lot of content available on the internet that you should protect them from before they can understand it. The parental control application will control the internet connection by limiting the access. The application will allow internet access for a specific period and prohibit the access to age-restricted content. The parental control application will filter the web through blocking inappropriate websites. As a parent, you will have the control of what website your kids can visit and, furthermore, your kids will stay protected from the spam content available online. You can permanently block the hazardous content or only allow the access to specific websites. You can control the access to internet of the devices connected to the network of your application. The parental control application will allow you to monitor the activities of your kids so that you can always protect their curious eyes.

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